Charleston Checklist

Day two in Charleston I had planned to do a little exploring on my own so I stayed back in the hotel. The second I went outside I immediately changed my mind. The temperature was already unbearable by 8 a.m. so I decided to meet up with my mom for the parent's breakfast. I didn't eat anything because I knew Corey didn't have a chance to eat either so I just listened in on a brief history of the College of Charleston that I'm sure I've heard before multiple times. Nevertheless, it's neat to think about the people that paved the way for the college as it is today. I was able to share a student's perspective in the parent roundtable session as an alumna of The College. Some parents still have a lot of letting go to do... but I felt really appreciated for the positive feelings I had about my experience and I think it was helpful.

Before we left the Stern Center to meet up with Corey, I was able to peep some views of the seemingly never-ending renovation of the old science building from the fourth floor. They basically gutted the building so they can bring it up to standards. Hopefully they'll address the ridiculous layout it had too. I was always walking around in circles and getting lost! 

Corey and I both really wanted to go Circe's Grotto while we were in Charleston so we stopped in for a late breakfast after she made her class schedule and got her Cougar ID card. I had the breakfast burrito and she had a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich off their new (to me) full breakfast menu. We got all googly-eyed over their selection of San Pellegrino so we tried the prickly pear + orange and the pomegranate + orange. I'm obsessed (but my teeth and my wallet won't allow me to indulge)! While we were in NYC we randomly met a friend of the owner who works at Birchbox in SoHo. I really wish I could remember her name! It blows my mind that you can meet people across the country (and the world) who are connected to the places and faces back home!

MOD Pizza Tristan

Since we accomplished our major goal for orientation (establishing a class schedule) we walked around for a bit at some of the shops. Of course we had to hit up the bookstore and I got a new CofC tree logo shirt for Alex and I to share. The turnover on King Street is as rampant as ever. I was glad to see the Carolina on King store go because it just stuck out like a sore thumb in Cougar Country! We stopped in for pizza at MOD. It was our first but definitely not our last time there. I ordered the Tristan + artichokes. I loved that it was easy and quick to make your own personal size pizza. You just order the toppings you want through a buffet line like at your favorite burrito place or salad bar and then they throw it in the brick oven for you. I was totally amazed by how the pizza crust just popped up perfectly after a bit of toasting! It was super cheap so I really hope they stick around with the support of all the broke college students! 

Marty's Place CofC Dining

We were all still suffering from our lack of sleep Wednesday night so we took an hour-long nap at our hotel before heading back on campus to check out the student organization fair. I ran into my friends Garrett and Bailie working tables for their favorite organizations. We had some time to talk to the Campus Dining reps about Marty's Place, the new Vegan/Kosher dining facility. I'm definitely going to be stealing some of their menu ideas because they sounded delicious and healthy.

Crab Stuffed Mahi at RBs Seafood on Shem Creek

Later in the evening we headed over to Mt. Pleasant so I could give my family a taste of the Old Village. Actually, we parked right in front of the same house on Hibben Street that Julia of Gal Meets Glam posed in front of a day later! It was like kitten heaven on Hibben. Every yard had at least one cat chillin' in the driveway. We walked over to RB's Seafood Restaurant for dinner because we wanted to eat somewhere on the water. We were really disappointed when we got there and realized that you can't access the boardwalk from the back side of the restaurant. By the time we finished our meal it was too dark to look for dolphins, anyways. Next time we'll just plan a trip for brunch and then make our way to the park.

Jeni's King Street

Corey and I went to Jeni's on King Street for ice cream after our dinner. It was so hot that I decided on the Whole Lemon Sorbet and Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet instead. As the guy was ringing up our order he was trying to tell me how much he liked the pear but I was distracted because I realized I didn't have my credit card and went into full on panic mode. I immediately called RB's to let them know I was coming that way so they could try to find it. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure it ended up in the receipt holder because I don't remember feeling anything bumpy while I was signing for the tip. We high tailed it back to our hotel and jumped in the car to head back over the bridge. So, needless to say I didn't really get to enjoy my frozen treat. Even more unsurprisingly, I spilled it all over my arm on the way back because it melted to quickly in the 100+ degree humidity. Luckily they had my card and we went back to our room to crash for the rest of the evening.