Charleston Weekend Getaway


We dropped off Aengus at my in-laws house for a weekend away with his puppy cousins, Rufio and Tinkerbell. He's such a good car rider but I think half-way there he realized that we weren't going to the dog park and started to look a little sad. That quickly went away when he was able to put his heart eyes on Tink. Nana and Pops took good care of him while we headed out of town on another quick trip to Charleston to celebrate our dating anniversary weekend and hang out with friends.


We finally got to Charleston around 9:15 and met up with my little sister to go out for dinner. It was the last weekend of restaurant week so we decided on Basil for some Thai food. It was really busy despite being so late but after we finally got a server the service picked up a bit. I had the fried wontons and cashew chicken, one of my all-time favorites! It was weird not getting Tom Kha Gai but the chocolate cake dessert made up for it! Garrett and Lillie joined us for a drink after their dinner date over on Sullivans Island and helped us grab our bags from the car so we could settle in for the night. I was so surprised at how big Lillie's RHD apartment on campus was! Her living room had plenty of room from our blow-up queen mattress. It had us missing dorm life and our jobs on campus.


Saturday morning I made Corey get up early to meet Alex and I at the farmer's market for breakfast. Outta My Huevos, my usual food truck favorite, was missing so I ended up getting breakfast from Roti Rolls, which I've never had before! I ordered the Guacuin Phoenix and it was incredible. Roti Rolls is so good at creating new and exciting flavors. They just know what works and it shows. You can tell they take a lot of time to come up with new recipes and love what they do!


We did a little shopping on King Street before heading over to The Rise Coffee Bar for a sip. I had a standard cold brew with a tiny bit of cream and sugar. It was quite tasty! The new coffee place has a limited menu (very reminiscent of a European cafe) but the decor was gorgeous (picture grey marble and lots of natural light) and it's a great spot for people staying at The Restoration or just wandering down Wentworth Street. We also went to Candlefish for the first time since it's been officially opened. The only other time I've visited was for Charleston Creative Mornings to listen to the restauranteur Brooks Reitz talk about his branding process but that was before a lot of the Candlefish goods were out on the shelves. I'm not sure how we managed to walk out without buying a single candle but we did! We couldn't settle on one but some of the Ranger Station Supply Co., Boy Smells, and Rewined scents were my favorites. 


For lunch Lillie and I grabbed something to-go from Tazikis. We started watching Narcos on Netflix and I'm hooked! We haven't stopped watching it since! It was really relaxing to have time to lounge around and watch T.V. Lillie and Garrett are the best kinds of friends because we don't have to do anything fancy with them to have a good time. Down time has been a rare luxury lately. The boys headed to the Highland Games and Scottish Gathering for lunch and family time while we went to my hair appointment at Tabula Rasa. Special thanks to Michelle for giving me the hook up and getting rid of my dead ends! I can't think of a better way to spend a rainy afternoon shower than indoors being pampered and catching up with a friend. Corey wanted seafood for dinner so we went to Red's Ice House on Shem Creek before the rush hour hit. We wanted to make sure she got an escape from the peninsula because we all know how hard it is being restricted to downtown life with no car sometimes! We caught the tail end of the sunset from Shem Creek Park before driving back downtown for the evening. It was a full and successful Saturday, for sure!