The Best Places to Shop for Records + Our January Vinyl Haul

My husband and I have been collecting vinyl albums since before we got engaged. I bought him the record player we own now (that probably needs an upgrade pretty soon) and some of our first albums were from his parent’s old collection. While it’s been about six years since our first purchases, we’ve more recently been making an effort to grow our collection. I have an unwritten goal this year to add at least one album to our collection every month this year! And without further ado, here are our favorite places to shop for vinyl:  

Antique Store

Antique stores have quickly become our go-to spot for building our record collection. You can find lots of classic albums at reasonable prices. We typically spend around $5 on our vintage vinyl finds! The selection at antique stores constantly changes so be sure to check back often. Alex tends to stop by on his days off to see if anything new catches his eye! 

Our pick:

Riverfront Antique Mall
5979 Jefferson Davis Highway  
North Augusta, South Carolina


Amazon is my go-to online store when purchasing albums for gifts because they can deliver to your door in two days with Prime and their selection is virtually endless. Be aware that lots of albums are actually designated as Prime only selections and be sure to check out the seller options.

Urban Outfitters

In college, I lived around the corner from Urban Outfitters and during our first year of marriage, we lived less than two blocks away from our closest store. We never paid full price for an album at UO, opting instead to make our selections from whatever had an orange sale sticker on the front. As an added bonus, we’ve been able to stock up several times during their extra 50% off sale.  We bought a compilation album for $1 in Atlanta during one of our recent trips this past fall! Urban Outfitters is a great place to shop for on-trend albums and SiriusXMU worthy tunes. Plus, they always have a great sale selection online too!

Local Record Shop

If you’ve got a local record shop, be sure to support them! Chances are the owner is in-tune with what’s popular in your area or may even do a special order for you. Our local record store has a great selection of old and new albums, making it a one-stop shop for anything we could possibly be looking to collect.  

Our picks:

Grantski’s Records
2126 Central Avenue
Augusta, Georgia

Retro Records
1036 Broad Street
Augusta, Georgia

Our January Record Mini-Haul

We found all of these records at the Riverfront Antique Mall during our last trip. My favorite is the Patsy Cline album. Crazy is a timeless song and I’m so excited to be able to play it whenever we want! We love having some more jazzy tunes to turn to when we’re in the mood for a little background music so we were happy to add another Getz / Gilberto album to our collection. I’m not crazy about Paul Simon but Graceland was Alex’s pick and he likes it! The Ravi Shankar album is probably the coolest thing we’ve ever stumbled upon! It needs a bit of cleaning but for now the extra crackle in the sound just adds to the 70s vibes. 


You may be able to tell from some of my previous posts about our collection that we like having a mix of old and new records. We also received the LANY album as a gift from my sister this month! It was a Christmas gift that arrived a little late in the mail. 

If you collect vinyl, let me know your favorite places to shop in the comments!