Our Wedding Day - June 28, 2014

All photos by Beth York Photography.

Can we talk about how one of the best days of my life was probably also the sweatiest? Don't worry, that's not my one take away from our wedding day! I just thought I'd start out this post by keeping it real. 

Everyone says it but it's true -- Our wedding day was one of the best days of my life. What could be better than having a huge party with all of your closest friends and family? Sure, there were little things that went wrong but I don't really remember them or they obviously didn't matter enough for me to notice. 

We had a traditional Episcopal wedding ceremony (except that it was outside.... and we served communion outside a church). It was really important to us to have a traditional ceremony even though we didn't get married in a church. There's just something about going through the same rites and reading the same words that people for ages before us have. We listened to readings from Matthew 5:13-16, Song of Solomon 2:10-13; 8:6-7, and Colossians 3:12-17. Alex and I decided to serve communion to our guests which was honestly so powerful! I can't put into words just how special it was to have that split second to greet every single person who attended our wedding and to serve them. That alone was the biggest gift. 

Our friends Becca, David, and Stephen of The Ramblin' Fevers entertained our guests inside with their music while we were taking group photos. We decided not to see each other before our ceremony so we had quite a few photos to squeeze in. I had been to weddings where we had to wait forever on the bride and groom so it was so important to us to have something to entertain everyone while they waited patiently for us to arrive. 

We had a sit-down dinner for our rehearsal where our family members gave toasts so our reception was a lot less structured! We had an open bar and buffet line filled with all our favorite snack foods (including a French fry bar, of course)! We only really got a taste of our wedding cake and grooms cake. Anyone who's gotten married can tell you there's no time to eat! Take advantage of having your caterer pack a doggy bag to take home that night. We didn't eat ours but it was a nice gesture anyways. We used a mini soccer ball for the garter toss which didn't work at all so my nephew ended up with my garter. There may have also been a little discrepancy over who actually caught my throw-away bouquet but no worries, they're both married now! 

Our wedding day was a blur but at the same time, I remember every little detail. It all went by way too quickly and I wish we had just a few more hours to spend with each other and all our guests! Our DJ started to announce that we were leaving before Alex was even finished changing his suit. It started to rain a little when we left for our bed and breakfast and we completely forgot to put our bags in our getaway car so my sister had to bring them to our room. It's all the little things that make for the best stories. 

We are so lucky. We honestly had the most incredible wedding day. It took tons of time, energy, and planning but at the end of the day, the only thing that really mattered was that we were finally married!