Our first day in Chicago we spent the entire day at the Art Institute of Chicago since our flight got in so early. It’s always fun to see what Alex is interested in looking at versus what my eye is drawn to first. We were fortunate to see an exhibit of Indian art that doesn’t travel very often. Even though we spent the whole day at the museum, it still wasn’t really enough time to see everything. We skipped a lot of the Asian and African art and rushed through the modern art at the end. 

We’ve gotten into the habit of eating at museum cafes on trips. They aren’t always the cheapest option but they seem to have lots of great flavors available for tasting. I got a falafel burger with tzatziki and it came with tons of seasoned fries. I like the convenience of the museum cafes when you really just want to take a break to refuel before looking at more art!

I think the art museum was one of my favorite stops on our trip. When I was working in the slide library last year for the art history department I was working on getting digital copies of some of the great pieces in their collection so it felt really relevant. I forgot how many masterpieces they own. I could really go on about all the incredible artists they showcase but I'll spare you in case you're not as obsessed with art history as I am. Anyways, a must see in Chicago for anyone!