Aeropress Brew Guide - Inverted Method

It's been a lot of fun preparing these brew guides for the blog. I love having my own personal barista at home and we wanted to share our favorite ways to brew coffee at home. Making your own coffee is cheaper than grabbing a cup at Starbucks and often times much tastier! 

Here's our guide on how to use an Aeropress. Today we're brewing using the inverted method.

What you'll need to get started:
the Aerobie Aeropress
Aeropress filters (we use paper filters in this tutorial)
a Grinder (we use a Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder)
Coffee Beans (we've been drinking Counter Culture Hologram lately)
a Gooseneck Kettle
a Mug (we love our classic mugs from Le Creuset)
a Kitchen Scale that measures grams
a Timer (we use the Intelligentsia App)

Aeropress Brew Guide - Inverted Method

Step 1

Weigh your coffee beans.
Use an electronic scale to measure 45 g of your favorite whole coffee beans. 

Step 2

Grind the beans.

Step 3

Boil your water and prep the gear.
You'll want to lay out all the pieces of the Aeropress while you're boiling some water. 
Preheat and rinse everything you'll use during the process including your mug, filter, and the Aeropress vessel itself.

Step 4

Add the coffee + water then let it bloom.
Add the ground coffee to your Aeropress. 
Pour 65 g of water into the Aeropress vessel within 10 seconds.
Stir for 60 seconds.
Pour the rest of the water to fill the Aeropress (up to 250 g). This should take about 20 seconds.


Step 5

Place the filter on the cap and wait 45 seconds before you take the plunge. 
Flip the Aeropress onto the top of your mug and press down to release the coffee. 

Step 6

Dilute the coffee to your personal preference and E N J O Y!

Have you ever used an Aeropress? It's pretty easy! What do you think?

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We've been dabbling in videos so if you'd rather watch a video tutorial, head over to my YouTube channel!