Nacho Mama’s


One of my all time favorite places to eat a quick lunch in Downtown Augusta is Nacho Mama’s. If you take a stroll down Broad Street, not far from the corner of 10th Street you’ll run into a funky storefront with outdoor seating that will only tempt you to eat outside. Nacho Mama’s isn’t your typical Southwest inspired restaurant. Their oversized burrito plates give a fresh take on traditional Mexican fare.

Inside you’ll find a variety of seating from high tops on the side to booths in the back, bar seating, and my personal favorite, the tables in the windows. The decor is an eclectic mix of local art and rock and roll show posters. Instead of individual menus you’ll find an oversized menu board on the wall that runs the length of the line. Speaking of lines, don’t let one deter you. Nacho Mama’s is always hopping but their staff is quick and will move you through in no time.

With a tag line like “we roll them fat”, it’s no surprise that Nacho Mama’s house burritos are huge! My personal favorites are the Baja with Mahi Mahi and roasted potatoes and the Copan with chicken and black beans. Lately I’ve been gravitating towards the red chili shrimp and roasted potato quesadilla topped off with sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, and a cup of warm salsa on the side. One day I’m going to try their pasta! It seems like a random addition to the menu but I’ve seen plenty of people order the noodle bowl and it looks so good. No trip to Nacho Mama’s is complete without some chips and guac. Their avocados are always so fresh and the guacamole is perfectly seasoned without too many extras added in. Don’t forget to top everything off with a dash of DiChickO’s Peri-Peri sauce. It’s a match made in local restaurant heaven.