New Year, New Music

Figures that I’d wait until the last day of the month to share some new music with you! I’ve seen so many people complain that January seemed to last an eternity this year. I’m clearly in the minority who feels like it’s flown by! Maybe having a baby at home does that to you. There’s never enough time to get everything done and my days all mix together. I took a little bit of time at the beginning of the month to listen to some new to me music on Spotify. I love the winter season and finding music to match my mood can be a little bit of a challenge. For me, things move a little slower in the wintertime and I like music that is a little quieter. At the same time I want to feel uplifted so that the darker days don’t get me down. With the help of Alexa, we’ve been listening to music on Spotify in the evenings more frequently! I want Rooney to grow up listening to lots of different artists and genres. Alex and I both love music so it has been refreshing to make music a bigger part of our family’s nighttime routine. I’m feeling inspired by Elsie Larson’s New Year’s Resolution jar. Basically, they’ve added names of artists they want to introduce their little girl to and once a week she picks an artist from the jar! Obviously Rooney can’t grab a name from a jar yet so we have to curate her music choices for now! I hope you love this selection of songs as much as I do and as always, feel free to suggest some new tunes for us to listen to at home in the comments!


For the second part of this post I want to highlight a new record we picked up this month. We got away from buying a record a month last year but it’s something I want to make sure we continue to budget for. It’s a fun little tradition and an easy way to grow our collection in a way that is also fiscally responsible. Alex came home with Radiohead’s OK Computer album from Second and Charles a couple of weeks ago and I was honestly a little surprised we didn’t already have it. It just seems like one we’ve been listening to for a while. That’s the best kind of music and the perfect example of the power of music on the brain— the type of music that is engrained in your memory so much that it’s part of you and becomes a feeling that you carry with you all the time.