The First Days of Spring


Feeling inspired by a few bloggers I’ve recently discovered to capture more snapshots of our everyday life and share them in this space. This blog has always been my journal and as nice as it is to publish evergreen content for you all to enjoy, I want to be sure I’m taking the time to appreciate and document the seemingly humdrum moments that are the heart of our family life. My early evenings with the dogs and Rooney are usually spent trying to get Aengus not to gang up on Keltie so much. He’s so rough with her when they play outside but she’s fast. We have to coax them into eating dinner and usually that ends with Aengus being reprimanded for trying to eat more than his fair share of food. During dinner we sit on the sofa in front of the TV to catch up on our favorite YouTube channels or watch an episode of the Man in the High Castle. Keltie is usually an angel and will lay on her bed in front of the TV stand while Aengus sits with his head underneath my legs just hoping that I might drop some tasty morsel of my dinner for him to lick up. By this time Rooney has been asleep for at least an hour and we sit on pins and needles hoping that the dogs don’t bark loudly at each other inside the house and startle her awake. I’m usually next to crawl into bed to try to catch an elusive 8 hours of shut eye. Around this time Keltie and Aengus are in the backyard barking at the moon, other dogs from surrounding neighborhoods, squirrels, or the sirens from the fire station around the corner. I’m immune to all the other background noises having lived in the middle of downtown Charleston for so long but I frequently get on to Alex for letting the dogs bark too much after the sun goes down. And that’s it. We start our little nighttime routine all over again the next day.