Weekend Decluttering Projects


Trying to keep a tidy house with a baby has proven to be quite difficult. I wish I had more hours in the day and better yet, more energy at the end of the day to devote to the daily upkeep. I know I’m not the only working mom who struggles with this! Here are a few ideas for simple but effective ways to tidy up and declutter over the weekend so you can start each week fresh.

Clean out the bathroom cabinets

Sort through your stash of medicines, hair products, and makeup and toss any that are expired. Consider donating any products that you don’t use regularly to a friend who may be interested in them or a shelter that will accept gently used products. You can also use this time to make sure there’s toilet paper on the roll and fresh towels hanging on the rack. 

Put away all the laundry

You know the laundry that you neatly fold and put back in the hamper for when you get around to putting it away later but then later turns into the next time you wash and dry all the clothes? We are guilty of this bad habit! Put that pile away as soon as you fold it and it makes a huge difference! It’s such an easy way to avoid visual clutter. 

Clean out the pantry and refrigerator 

Go through everything in the pantry to check for expired food and toss it! Doing this from time to time also helps you keep stock of what’s actually in your pantry and prevents excessive food waste. I use it as an opportunity to group like food items and then create a new weekly menu utilizing some of what we already have. You’ll see a reduction in your grocery bill for the week by accomplishing this simple task!

File your mail

We are also bad about bringing in the mail, opening it, and just leaving it out on the counter for a week until we sort it. Sometimes it doesn’t even make it farther than my purse from the mailbox. If opening the mail once a week works for you, that’s great! Just be sure it has a designated spot. When you open it, sort it by bill type and then file it with your records if necessary. It will clean off the counter space for the coming week. 

Clean out the backseat

Bring in any trash, bottles, lunchboxes, or bags that you may have left in the car during the week. If you’re feeling especially proactive, you can give your floorboards a quick vacuum for any leaves and dirt you may have dragged in during the week. Two quick ways to keep your car a little cleaner so you don’t have to apologize when you spontaneously end up needing to drive a co-worker to a lunch meeting!

Those are my top 5 quick decluttering projects to tame the household mess. I’d love to hear what your daily or weekly cleaning routine looks like! We need all the help we can get to find something that works (especially with all the dust that comes along with dogs coming in and out of the house).