5 YouTube Channels to Inspire Your Weeknight Menu

I hear from friends all the time that they struggle to come up with quick and easy meal ideas that aren’t the same old recipe. Here are five of my favorite YouTube foodie channels to inspire you to shake up your regularly scheduled Taco Tuesday and get creative with your weeknight meal plan! I hope you enjoy learning from these creators as much as I do.

1.Alex French Guy Cooking

You’ll be hooked from the second you’re greeted “Salut!”, I promise. As a Paris-based, self-taught cook, Alex’s cooking is centered around the science behind the recipe, further evidenced by his kitchen setup that is more akin to a laboratory than what you’d recognize in your own home. I bought Alex his cookbook for Valentine’s Day and I’m looking forward to trying out some simple salads this summer.

2. Bon Appetit

Ever since recreating Molly’s pasta al limone recipe, I can’t get enough. There are a few separate playlists from this channel I particularly enjoy including From the Test Kitchen, It’s Alive!, and Gourmet Makes. Claire may actually have you convinced that you too can make your own Kit Kats and Oreos at home.

3. SORTEDfood

On this channel you’ll find a group of friends doing everything from battling each other to create the best version of a recipe, testing out a new kitchen gadget, or inventing a new recipe to attract a celebrity. This channel is just plain fun! I love the attention that goes into their filming and production.

4. Brothers Green Eats

Brothers Green is perfect for the beginner cook. They’ll show you how to make some tasty but no frills meals without a ton of fancy gadgets. Perfect for the college student or anyone with a small apartment who may just be starting out. From cooking an egg a few ways you’ve never thought about to curating a menu of five meals with just five ingredients each, this channel is perfect for meal ideas to get you through until that next paycheck!

5. Binging with Babish

Babish will show you how to cook the basics without ever showing his face! This channel creatively focuses on what your hands do in the kitchen. Some of my favorite videos from this channel are from his TV series. If you ever want to recreate Rachel’s English Trifle (you know, The One Where Ross Got High), there’s a video for that!