27 before 28


Today is my 27th birthday and my husband and I have been celebrating this weekend in Asheville, NC! We knew a brewery would be on our weekend adventure to-do list, so when I saw Burial Beer Co. had this epic mural of Sloth and Tom Selleck, it pretty much sealed the deal. All I wanted to accomplish this weekend was getting my picture taken in front of this mural and you can check that one off the list!

Inspired by my friend Maggie, I'm sharing a list of 27 things I'd like to accomplish before my 28th birthday! We're headed to spend this rainy day inside of America's largest home so we will be able to cross #1 off my bucket list today. What's on your list?

  1. Take Alex to the Biltmore
  2. Visit 1 city we've never been
  3. Pay off our credit card
  4. Monetize my blog
  5. Finish a Goodreads reading challenge
  6. Read a book someone else selected
  7. Make a charitable donation
  8. Cook at home more
  9. Try a new international recipe
  10. Travel outside the US
  11. Take a spontaneous road trip
  12. Watch a new movie each month
  13. Finally lose the weight
  14. Hike a mountain
  15. Throw a party
  16. Volunteer somewhere
  17. Paint more personal artwork
  18. Go to PuttPutt
  19. Go bowling
  20. Organize the garage
  21. Have a functional office
  22. Keep a journal
  23. Go to a concert
  24. See the Atlanta United play
  25. Ride my bike
  26. Be more compassionate
  27. See a waterfall