Seeking a Simplified, Intentional Life

At the end of last year I updated my Instagram profile with the statement that is the title of this post.

seeking a simplified, intentional life



in·ten·tion·al | \in-ˈtench-nəl,  -ˈten(t)-shə-nᵊl\

Definition of intentional 

1: done by intention or design INTENDED

I’m not sure I knew what I meant by that statement when I posted it, but in the first few days of the new year it revealed itself. Call them my intentions for 2019, goals, resolutions, or any other adjective you’d like, but these are the things I intend to make more time for in my everyday life moving forward. I saw on Instagram that someone’s word of the year was less. It seems counterintuitive but I loved the way she explained it. By doing less of certain things, there was more time for the things that mattered. I think that perfectly sums up what I mean when I say I’m seeking a simplified, intentional life.

Do all of the adult things

schedule that dental cleaning I’ve been avoiding, buy new tires for my car, have my oil changed on schedule, have a termite inspector come out and bait the house regularly, perform annual maintenance on the AC unit, pay off the hospital bills, save more money for travel instead of wasting it all in the drive-thru, set up a new 401K and roll over my existing accounts into one, create a college savings account for Rooney, learn how to set a budget and stick to it, live within our means…

Make more time for self care

It’s all about the little free things that make a difference. shave my legs more often than just when I’m wearing a dress, repaint my toe nails when the polish chips, invest in more nontoxic products, learn which essential oil blends work for me, get a haircut more than twice a year, breathe deeply when my Apple Watch reminds me, take more walks outside, commit to Weight Watchers, incorpoate yoga into our nighttime routine

Rediscover hobbies

I don’t think I took a single film photo in 2018 which is sad considering it’s the year Alex really honed in on his skills and learned how to develop at home in our makeshift bathroom lab. Pick up my camera more, record more videos of Rooney to create family films, start a digital scrapbook, print more photos, master my camera in manual mode and develop a better editing style. I also hope after years of setting a goal to read 12 books in a year, I finally accomplish that task with the help of my Kindle Paperwhite + Alexa dictation. I want my daughter to remember me as an artist so maybe this year I’ll pick up a paintbrush again and show her what it’s like to create. Alex and I both love music so I want to squeeze in a concert or two We also want to figure out how to travel with Rooney and take our first trip to Canada. I can’t wait to get her little passport!

Blog once a week

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers (including some faves like Zoe Sugg and Kate Spiers) say they want to get back to the old school type of blogging this year. More spontaneous and frequent posting, more rambling updates, less sponsored content, more freedom, and less content restriction. I want this blog to be a creative space, an honest journal of my life, and also a resource to others. I’ve been so inspired by the things Poppy Deyes is creating with her new blog and also other side endeavors other bloggers have taken on through their podcasts, groups, and newsletters. May 2019 be the year I rediscover my love of blogging and commit to creating and exploring more.

Spend more time at home

This one is hard for me because I absolutely love spending my weekends with my mom and little sister. But there are things that need to be done at home on the weekends while Alex is working like never ending piles of laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, cleaning, organizing that I just keep putting off. I’ve also thought it would be lovely to learn to bake. Then I’d learn a new skill while whipping up something delicious for us to eat during the week.

Adopt a Minimalist/Sustainable Lifestyle

It’s time to practice what we preach. Less fast fashion, more recycling and thrifting, less plastic, create an zero waste kit, stop using a straw when we eat out.

January 2018 seemed like the longest month on record but this year it’s flying by. I’m hoping some little changes I’ve outlined as my intentions will become permanent lifestyle changes. What are your intentions for 2019?