Scenes from the Weekend


When we lived in Charleston the weekend always started on Thursday for us. Maybe it's because you can kind of get by at work on Friday with the promise of the weekend.  

I didn't realize until late Wednesday that I actually had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off of work. Otherwise, I would have planned to go to Charleston. I made the most of being home instead.  

Thursday night we went to Southbound Smokehouse with friends to catch up with a friend who has recently moved away. The Clyde's, a band from Asheville, were playing inside. It was hard to resist the temptation to eat delicious food (especially Alex's brownie sundae), but I had the Strawberry Fields salad with shrimp minus the feta.  

Friday night we stayed in and made our own homemade pizzas. Everything from the crust to the sauce was made from scratch. We finished up the last bit of spinach and mushrooms we bought on bulk from Costco the weekend before. It was delicious! Better than Pizza Hut pan pizza. We caught the hype about the premiere of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix and watched two episodes before going to bed. 

Saturday morning I woke up and cooked an omelette for the two of us to share before heading into work for a little while. I had to be at work for a furniture pickup which ended up not taking too long at all! I was home within the hour and we headed over to Half-Moon Outfitters to place a special order of Patagonia goodies. I'm getting ready for our trip to Asheville in less than a month! We're hoping to do some hiking before spending the weekend at Kanuga. Alex and I picked up lunch from Yosko (thank goodness for huge portions and leftovers) and started another episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events before getting to work painting our back bedroom. Even though it looks like the rest of the blue and grey walls in the house now, the room is actually a light green. Belle Valley Fog to be exact. The whole project took us around two hours. I'm not sure why we didn't paint the room a long time ago because it looks so much more finished with just one coat of paint! Afterwards we took Aengus to see his Nana and best girl friend, Tinkerbelle. We had a delicious vegan friendly Indian meal and played a couple of rounds of Scrabble. I think game nights need to be a more regular occasion around our hours. 

Sunday morning after church I stopped by Aldi to pick up our groceries for the week. Of course they didn't have eggplant to make rollatini for dinner so I had to send Alex by Whole Foods Market on his way home from work. I'm always surprised at what I can buy for $40 at Aldi. The low prices make up for the things they don't keep in stock. On my way out to the car my reusable bag virtually crumbled to pieces in my hands so I awkwardly wobbled to the car trying to keep everything from falling and scattering across the parking lot. I had a headache so decided to take a quick nap after eating some leftovers for lunch. I woke up and still had a headache so decided to just cuddle up in bed with the cats, some hot cocoa, and Elle Magazine. I also finished reading Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me? I've got to decide which book to start next! When Alex got home I made a blistered heirloom tomato sauce and rolled up spinach and artichokes into eggplant for supper. It was delicious! We ended the night with more episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events. 

I took advantage of my extra day off today by grabbing some lunch with my Nana. I had a spinach and asiago stuffed sweet potato at Jason's Deli. I couldn't finish the whole thing. It was enormous! After lunch I met up with my mom and we took Aengus for a walk in Hammond's Ferry. He still needs to work on his greeting and leash walking skills. After about an hour my hands hurt too much from his pulling so we headed back home. We've just finished a bit of pasta with shrimp, kale, sprouts, and cranberries and another two episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I'm beat so it's off to bed before we start the week tomorrow! Hope you had an equally eventful but relaxing weekend.