IKEA Home Office Updates

Drafting Table with Ikea Grundstal
IKEA Grundtal rail and container for craft storage
IKEA Dignitet curtain wire paint storage in craft room
watercolor paint hanging from IKEA dignitet curtain wire
IKEA Raskog cart with art storage
IKEA Ekby Osten wall shelf
Instax Camera
Toy Camera collection
IKEA Lack floating shelf
Pipe collection
Harry Potter book collection
Kallax shelf with book storage
Fern the muted calico kitty

I probably say this every month, but this year is flying by before my eyes! I mean, how are we already to month six?

Back in April, my mom gifted us with a few items from IKEA for Easter. She's always so thoughtful and generous around any holiday. We've been wanting to do something with our home office since the day we moved into our house over a year ago but just recently got around to making a few upgrades. It's amazing what huge difference just hanging things on the wall can do for a room! After considering painting the walls forest green, peach, and bright white, we decided just to leave them the same beige color they were when we bought our home. The office isn't very well lit, so we figured at the end of the day it wouldn't make a huge difference if the walls were white or beige.

Our home office also serves as our library and my art studio so having tons of storage is key. We're lucky to have a spacious walk-in closet to store extra coats, mementos, electronics boxes, and wrapping paper for special occasions. Last summer we moved our two IKEA Kallax shelf units to the office from our living room. Our living room was starting to feel a little boxy and the shelves make more sense in the office, anyway. One set of shelves holds our book collection and the other has bins with camera supplies and film scans in addition to magazine storage racks. We added a floating Lack wall shelf above our books to hold some family photos and mementos from around the time we got married. When we purchased our TV unit last Spring, we accidentally purchased the Ekby Osten wall shelf in white instead of birch. We decided to hold onto it for another project and I'm so glad that we did because it now holds all of our toy cameras and Alex's Disney pin collection. We may eventually add our other cameras but for now, they're somewhere more easily accessible for use when we need them. We added a Grundtal rail with a container (we have the same system in our kitchen) above my drafting table to hold my paintbrushes and the Dignitet curtain wire with clips to showcase my watercolor collection and keep those supplies easily accessible for when I sit down to paint! I'm going to need quite a few more clips but for now, I've hung my most frequently used colors and I just love the way it looks!

With just a few cheap additions to our home office, our least used room has become one that I don't mind spending a little extra time in! Plus, you can always find a sleepy kitty getting in a nap on our chair. It's nice to spend some quiet time with them and escape the dogs!

Check out the original inspiration for our IKEA home office updates below. Are you obsessed with IKEA? Let me know what products we should check out on our next visit.

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