Arrow Institute of Art

Arrow Art Show Flyer
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Arrow Program
First Presbyterian Church in downtown Augusta, GA

You may remember Meg, my gem of a friend from this post a few weeks ago. Meghann is the Director and brains behind Arrow Institute of Art, an afterschool program that gives kids the opportunity to learn and grow through creating art. I've been wanting to give back to Arrow in some way for years now so when Meg asked me to document her art show with the group I had to say yes! These kids were filled with so much J O Y! Each piece of artwork was so special and unique. You could see their individual character shine through even though they were assigned the same projects. As someone with a degree in art history, it was fun to ask the kids what their favorite piece was and why and then tell them why my favorite was the same or different. You can see how much of a difference Meghann has made in each of these kids' lives by sharing her love of art with them. I was totally blown away by the number of people that came out to support these, friends, church members, and complete strangers! I'm so glad I got to play a small role in Monday night's art show. 

Arrow Art Show in Augusta, GA