Ferris Wheel / Fair is Real


Sometimes I'm spontaneous but for me, spontaneity looks a little more like planning things a day in advance instead of a week or month. On Wednesday night I thought it would be fun if we went to the Georgia-Carolina State Fair on Thursday because Alex didn't have to work and it was the first day I haven't had something to do after work in a few weeks. When I got home from work I was in shock because Alex had spent the day cleaning and organizing the garage! It's the first time our garage has been sorted out since we moved into our house six months ago. You can fit a car in it now! I'm so incredibly grateful that he tackled that project himself and got it all done in a day. We headed out to the fairgrounds pretty early to make sure we could get secured parking and try to beat the crowds. We pretty much rode all the rides that didn't go upside down. The wimpiest ride (the swings) really did me in, though. I started feeling a little woozy so we took a break to look at the cows, goats, and sheep and grabbed a cup of french fries and a Coke to drink. By that time the sun had set completely so we hopped back on the ferris wheel for one more go around to check out the lights. The views from the top of all the rides at the fair were incredible! We had the best time laughing our butts off and Alex even won a mermaid doing the hammer strike. It was such a nice change from the stress of working so much. I hope you enjoy this little video I made from our rides on the ferris wheel! (I've been using GoPro's Splice App lately. It's super easy and makes creating videos fun!)