Top of the Rock to Times Square

Set our hearts ablaze, and every city was a gift
and every skyline was like a kiss upon the lips
and I was making you a wish
In every skyline
How big, how blue, how beautiful...
— Florence and the Machine

One of our favorite things we did over our Christmas vacation was go to the top of the John Hancock Building to experience the views 360 Chicago had to offer. That being said, we knew we had to go to Top of the Rock in New York City. We'd heard from several people that it was much more impressive than the Empire State Building so we decided to book a reservation for sunset. It was extremely cold and crowded but we still managed to get a few great shots from the upper levels. I loved seeing all the way across Central Park and some of the skyscraper spires lit up in different colors. New York is H U G E! If you want to feel humbled by your size in this world, definitely make a trip to the 67th floor. It was more beautiful than I could put into words or capture in a photo. It made my night to see how happy Corey was to be there soaking it all in.

Afterwards, we met our friend Parth (who is currently in Med school at Columbia University) at an Indo Chinese restaurant near Times Square called Nanking. We love to go out and order family style because it gives you the opportunity to try more things. In this case, I really liked the cauliflower Manchurian, dry chili paneer, and Pad Thai but would pass on the chicken dishes we ordered. That's the best part about ordering as a group and trying new things, though. You know for the next what you like and it doesn't ruin the dining experience!

We couldn't say goodbye after dinner so Alex, Parth, and I walked down to Times Square. Believe it or not, it was the first time we had been to Times Square at night even though our hotel was so close. Times Square is SO BRIGHT. So bright that it looks like daytime even though it was almost midnight. We sat for a few minutes on the bleacher seats near the TKTS booth (the same place we unsuccessfully tried to get discount tickets to a show in our price range). I snapped one quick photo the whole time we were there. I was really surprised by a few prom groups that we saw. It seemed so late in the year but I guess everyone in the north starts school later than we do here. It really made me miss high school and being around our friends every day. We haven't found the community that we'd like back in North Augusta and it's hard being an adult when you work all the time and your friends move across the country and the globe. 

Alex has taken up pin trading so we went to the Disney Store in Times Square to see if they had any Disney trading pins. Unfortunately they didn't but I was able to get a new limited edition MLS pin for my collection from the Hard Rock Cafe. Parth learned something new about us both! (And yes... if you're traveling and want to pick up a pin for either of us, we'd love to add them to our collections!) Before walking back to the Manhattan Club to retire for the night, we were treated to gelato from a quick shop. I had pistachio and it was amazing! Great food doesn't always have to be expensive.