Weekend Link Roundup - December 2, 2016

Holy cow! How is it already December? Pretty soon I'm going to have to remember to type 2017 on here. It is so hard to believe that this year has nearly come full circle already. I'm planning to do some recaps of our trip to Chicago last Christmas soon. I got a little slack in posting photos from our trip so be sure to be on the lookout for that on my Facebook Page and Instagram later this month!

It's been a long week back at work after four days off for Thanksgiving! Here's a look at what I've been reading, listening to, or watching this week:

Why we need to teach social media to high school kids. Short answer: because we've all posted some really embarassing stuff back in the day that we wish we could really delete.

We're not that far off from 1984 and it's scary.

"So does the moment really deserve its many accolades? It is a philosophy likely to be more rewarding for those whose lives contain more privileged moments than grinding, humiliating or exhausting ones. Those for whom a given moment is more likely to be “sun-dappled yoga pose” than “hour 11 manning the deep-fat fryer.” Actually, let's not be in the moment.

Trump continues to make decisions that aren't quite ethical or logical with his choice for Secretary of Defense

Why are we publicly using the word #Hashtag in important conversations?

I'm not sure I can live in a world where we're not going to accept science. But don't worry, if we continue down this road literally none of us will be able to live on Earth.

The Gilmore Girls are back and I guess I need to give in and watch. I'm bracing myself for disappointment.

The Great American Baking Show is on and Mary Berry is back! Alex and I laughed so hard last night at the first episode. Between their melting cakes and one of the worst excuses for a chocolate cake she's ever tasted, we joked she must be wishing she could go back to England. I went to bed before the second episode but I'll catch up this weekend!

My mom is so sweet and picked up this Christmas Cocktails album for us after we didn't really have any holiday music to play at Thanksgiving Dinner (besides John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas). 

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