Follow Friday / Weekend Roundup

Happy Follow Friday!

I've been wanting to brag on a few* of my friends who are doing pretty cool things. I've been thinking a lot about creating community, not competition and this is just a small way for me to lift up my gal pals up instead of falling into the trap of jealousy and comparison.

*I'm going to continue this series, so don't feel left out if you weren't featured this week!

Veggie Truck Mobile Garden

First up is Anna! Anna is the brains behind the idea for the Veggie Truck Mobile Garden here in the CSRA. Once the truck is running, it would bring a mobile garden into local communities to show the benefits of growing your own food. Anna and I have mostly connected over social media, but I can tell she's putting her Sociology degree to good use. It shows through her passion for topics like food sourcing, availability, sustainability, and affordability! You can donate to the Veggie Truck Mobile Garden to help make Anna's dream a reality.

Next is Lacey. Lacey and I went to middle / high school together and she drove me to afterschool watercolor lessons more times than I can count. Even though she's only a few years older than I am, I've always considered one of my mentors in the art world. She has been an excellent source for guidance and sound advice over the years despite the fact that we don't live very close or see each other in person much anymore! Seriously... I asked her the other day where to print something and she gave me an honest, thoughtful recommendation. Lacey is truly a jack of all trades. She's an excellent photographer and stylist and her work has been featured in magazines like Lonny, Flower, and Elle Decor. Lacey's passion and training in textiles and photography led to the creation of a new series of digital quilts. Still in their digital sketchbook phase, this project is the perfect marriage of her interests and talent! In a lot of ways, Lacey's work has inspired my love of pattern, texture, and color.

Logan Smith Nashville City Guide

And finally, shout out to Logan, a recent college grad and designer extraordinaire! I was classmates with Logan's sister Taylor and the pair came together to form Wateroak Design Co. a few years ago. Their hand-lettering is inspirational and perfect for any gallery wall. Logan is keeping busy with new ventures like her city guides. Her Nashville guide is the result of her talent for design and writing, and love of travel, food, friendship and storytelling. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Logan recommends in the near future. P.S. you can hire her to do work for you!

And now for the weekend roundup, here are some interesting things I've been reading, listening to, and watching this week!

The Vincent Van Gogh Atlas takes you on a virtual journey around Europe through the artwork of one of my favorite artists, Van Gogh! It's also a book you can purchase online.

This article reminds us to leave technology behind, get outside, and experience real life. 

Sandy came to visit Augusta during Hurricane Matthew and a colleague shared her story with me. She's fascinating! 

The Nationalmuseum Stockholm released over 3,000 images on Wikimedia Commons for free

I've been practicing my French gearing up for some upcoming trips to Canada while being entertained by Mark and Anna's Scottish accents. It's a win-win.

And for a quick giggle, a list of names of real places in the UK.

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