Listen with Purpose

Today for Tuesday Tunes I'm here to share music, but also to talk about something serious! If you're reading from Georgia or South Carolina, today is your last day to register to vote in the upcoming election! You have a voice and it matters, so use it! Now more than ever we need to make a decision based on the country we want to live in. It's critical that we vote for the person who will best represent America as our President. 

Now on to the music...

For the next 30 days leading up to the election, 30 artists will release songs that will speak out against "the ignorant, divisive, and hateful campaign of Donald Trump". You can read more about the initiative on the 30 Days, 30 Songs website and follow the Spotify playlist below for daily updates.

And back to the politics...


I'm not usually vocal about politics, even around close family and friends. I respect your opinions and understand that they may differ from mine, but with Hillary is where I stand this election season. 

Hillary Clinton has consistently presented herself with poise and confidence during her entire campaign. She is an experienced politician who isn't blind to the problems facing this country. She answers the hard questions with ease and has a cohesive plan of action. She's an advocate for women and children, especially when it comes to health care. She doesn't deny the existence of climate change, or the need to create new jobs for those that will be replaced as a result of environmentally friendly action. With almost every issue, I stand with her platform.

I don't find any of the other third party candidates to have strong, viable platforms worthy of my vote. And you know what? It's OKAY if you don't feel the same way. That's why we are all different! Just get out there and VOTE.