2015 Resolutions

So, here we are. It’s nearly 2015. The year I turn 25 (this is very scary). In some ways I feel like I have accomplished a lot. I understand more about who I am and who I want to become. In other ways I feel like there is much to be learned and too many roads left to be traveled to figure it all out. I’m going to make a 25 before 25 list soon but for now I have some general resolutions that need to be written down as motivation to keep them. 

In 2015 we want to be healthier. For me that is both mental and physical. I am certain I will never truly be happy until I take care of my body. We want to make time to be active and focus on eating more whole foods by making instead of buying. Someday in the not so distant future we would like to raise a family but before then we want to focus on being the best that we can be for ourselves by establishing good habits that we can pass on to our children.

In 2015 I want to be more creative. This past year has been a step in the right direction. Thanks to the support of my family and friends I have launched a website, an Etsy shop, and done several commissioned pieces! In the upcoming year I want to push myself to take it a step further. My main goal is to figure out some branding and packaging. Portraits are my main passion but I also want to bring out the old sketchbook at put down some ideas for things I can fill a shop with. I want to be true to myself and my interests while still being able to sell a product people will buy.

In 2015 I want to read more! I read more books over the summer than I did in two years but I can do better. I’m challenging myself to read 24 books in 2015. That’s two books a month if I spread it out evenly. I already started reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed in the waiting room of the doctor’s lobby today. Sometimes I really just need to unplug and detox. Social media gets to be overwhelming to keep up with and I want to feel like I am accomplishing something other than refreshing my news feed every five minutes. There’s plenty of time in each day and I want to make the most of it, not waste it.

I hope all these things will help me to become a more loving, caring, stress-free, and joyful person.