Hi! I’m Kuleigh.

(pronounced Cully)

I was born and raised outside of Augusta, Georgia and I met my husband, Alex, in our high school gym class. We grew up in neighboring towns and it’s likely that I unknowingly served him a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese at my first deli job. I am a College of Charleston alumna and was fortunate to live in the Holy City with my husband for a year after we were married in 2014. It was there that I started this blog to document our newlywed journey. We no longer roam the cobblestone streets, but are always looking for new things to do back in our hometown.

Blogging has been my creative outlet since the Blogger beta days. I find typing out my thoughts to be cathartic. Documenting life has always been important to me and I’m lucky that my spouse shares a love for photography, especially film! Whether it’s capturing snapshots from our week, sharing a new DIY home project, or trying out a new recipe, we are grateful for this little corner of the internet that serves as a digital journal for ourselves and a source of inspiration to others.

After welcoming our daughter, Rooney, in 2018, this blog has once again shifted focus. It’s my goal to connect with other millennial parents and inspire the working mom to find joy in the everyday moments. With a little motivation, we can all curate a simplified, intentional life.