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What’s in our Diaper Bag

We’re just days away from meeting Baby Bee so I thought it would be nice to document the things I’ve picked out to bring in our diaper bag for the hospital. Our Women’s Center here is great about providing everything you could possibly need but I wanted to have a few cute things to spoil the baby with once he or she arrives! I spent a lot of time reading tips on Pinterest and watching videos on YouTube to prepare our bags for the hospital stay. I’ve tried to be as minimal as possible.

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Third Trimester Updates

It’s officially baby month! I’m full term and this baby is welcome to come any day now. And to answer my most asked question, I am both excited and nervous. I’m so ready to have this little one in my arms but understandably, I’m not looking forward to the pain involved in the labor process.

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Baby Bee

It’s the beginning of my third trimester and I still haven’t taken the time to write about my pregnancy. It’s been such a huge part of my life over the past 6+ months but I haven’t properly documented it. There are no weekly bump photos with cute chalkboard signs about what size fruit the baby is this week, no symptom trackers, and no record of any cravings or mood swings. Here are a few thoughts on pregnancy and this season of change in our lives. 

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