World Book Day 2017

Closer to the Ground

I'm behind on my Goodreads reading challenge but I'm hoping to finish up my latest book and maybe read another quick read sometime over the next few months to catch up. When we went to Atlanta during the first weekend of April, I picked up this book from the Patagonia store in BuckheadCloser to the Ground is a memoir about one family's journey with fishing and foraging laced with simple, wholesome recipes and tips about how we can all live life a more sustainable life. 

As Alex and I begin to think more about what life with a family of our own might look like, I've found myself more and more concerned with what our planet is going to be like for the next generation. With a President who doesn't believe in climate change, our National Parks in jeopardy, and many science initiatives being underfunded or defunded, I'm frankly a little concerned at how much longer we can continue this downward spiral. This book brings to light ways you can live off the land, take only what you need, share with those around you, and get back to nature. It seems so fitting to share this book with you for World Book Day since yesterday was Earth Day. 

It sounds so cliche, but if we all do our part to make more conscious decisions in regards to the environment, we really can make a difference! I'm about half-way through Closer to the Ground, but one of the major takeaways that I have so far is that I really undervalue the art of slow living. It's something I've been struggling with over the past year. At the same time, I feel like I've taken a few steps in the right direction to really slow down and start living my best life. After being on the go for the past three weekends, it's nice to spend this Sunday afternoon lounging around in my pajamas, reading, working on the laundry, and cooking our Sunday supper. It's okay to take time to just be still (contrary to what my impulses tell me). 

Have you read any books about the environment lately? I'd love your recommendations on what to add to our library.