Weekend Link Roundup - November 4, 2016


No Follow Friday today, but here's a look at things I've been reading, listening to, or thinking about this week:

If you know me at all, I don't do cinnamon. I joke that I'm allergic to holidays. By that I mostly mean fir trees and cinnamon. The cinnamon brooms at the grocery store choke me up from October through January so I avoid them like the plague. I'm roundup of other fall scented candles from Glitter Guide.

More practical photo tips for camera phones.

I'm self-conscious about being self-righteous.

In case you were wondering, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is currently my favorite Snapchat account.  

Our cats would really like a catio

Berlin is on my travel bucket list.

Last week it was hot coco with wine. This week it's salted caramel with rum


Kuleigh Baker