Valentine's Day 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! This week's Tuesday Tunes playlist is a little sappy. I really hope you enjoy this selection of some of my favorite love songs that I threw together this morning!

Want to know a secret? Too bad. It's not a secret because I'm telling you.

I kinda hate Valentine's Day. So much so that we had a spontaneous date night on Monday to replace it. The truth is I don't like any kind of holiday that puts pressure on me to act or react a certain way. It always ends up being a mess. Like hey, it's Valentine's Day so you need to be in a super good mood today and everything needs to go perfectly. What if we made plans to go see a movie and then I'm really tired and just don't feel like it? Yeah, I don't need that kind of Hallmark love in my life when I'm lucky enough to have the real kind. For me, Valentine's Day is every day that Alex cleans out the refrigerator because I can't deal with leftovers or cleans the cat litter box because the kitties are disgusting. Valentine's Day is when you cook eggplant parmesan for dinner because you are the same person and crave the same things at the same time. Valentine's Day is when you fall asleep laughing hysterically because being tired makes you delusional but your spouse looks at you lovingly anyways. I'm trying to be better at celebrating all the things that Alex does that I love on a daily basis. There are so many ways that he lifts me up when I fall short and it's something that deserves more attention than just one day out of the year.