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Christmas Cards by Basic Invite

When Basic Invite reached out to me, it was perfect timing! We had just finished an in-home family photo session with our photographer Meg Robinson and ordering Christmas cards to send out to our family this year was on my mind. It was an impossible task selecting just one favorite photo from our session and an equally hard task deciding which one of Basic Invite’s over 500 beautiful holiday designs to use.

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Whitening Coffee Stains at Home

Using Smile Brilliant has given me the boost of confidence I needed at my new job to let my smile really shine. I get more and more excited after every whitening session to see how amazing it is that I'm able to achieve professional quality results at a fraction of the price right at home! I can't stop showing off my pearly whites to my husband and I'm sure my little sister is tired of the post-whitening updates via Snapchat by now!

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DIY Instagram Wall with Printiki

I honestly cannot remember the last time I've had photos printed! We don't have a ton of photos hanging in our home, especially not of ourselves, which is why I was so excited when Printiki reached out to me about ordering some of their "M" prints. I chose the M prints in matte for this project but Printiki has a lot of other really neat products like photo books and posters. 

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