October Record Haul


It’s been a little while since I’ve shared anything about our ever growing record collection on my blog! This month we were able to stop by Grantski’s for a sale on new titles, old record store day leftovers, and used vinyl. It was the best day! Rooney was such a good sleeper that after we got our flu shots she slept through lunch at The Hive, shopping at Field Botanicals, and a drive over to Central Avenue. She woke up briefly for me to change her in the back of the car but went back to sleep in my arms while we danced around to some oldies at the record store.

We went home with a mix of albums from Grantski's.  I didn’t bother to photograph every record we’ve added in the past couple of months but I’d like to share some of our favorite titles with you. 

The Avalanche - Sufjan Stevens

I’ve been a huge fan of Sufjan Stevens for years. In fact, his five CD set of Songs for Christmas fills up almost every spot of my car’s six CD changer each holiday season. It’s hard to believe that this is the first vinyl record we own from Sufjan and I’m so glad it’s a unique one. The Avalanche is full of outtakes and other studio cuts from his album titled Illinois.

Bottle It In - Kurt Vile

This is a brand new October 2018 release from Kurt Vile and I’m looking forward to digging in! It may be his 7th studio album, but it was probably 2015 before we really started listening to his music with Pretty Pimpin’ playing all over Sirius XMU and then his collaboration with Courtney Barnett last year (which is the perfect segue for our next find).

City Looks Pretty - Courtney Barnett  

There are only two songs on this album: City Looks Pretty and Sunday Roast. It’s a leftover from Record Store Day back in April but it was a must-have for our collection. I love her rambling songwriting and singing style! It feels really fresh in today’s music scene but also reminds me of Bob Dylan and that era.

Kid’s Album - Blitzen Trapper

Since we’ve had Rooney we’ve been thinking more about our kid specific albums. Our friend Sara started our collection with the album that she gifted me at my baby shower! Their record collection is second to none and it’s one of the things we bonded over at her now husband’s home during their stock the bar wedding shower! We also picked up a Disney classical album and the Mary Poppin’s album from Psychotronic in downtown Augusta for just $1 each to kick off Rooney’s little collection of music.