Meet me at the Sno-Cap


My little town has a great old fashioned drive in restaurant just down the street from us! We could actually walk there if we wanted. I had to run an errand during lunch and suggested that Alex meet me at the Sno-Cap

The Sno-Cap opened in 1964 in the heart of downtown as a drive-in restaurant. Today you have to order inside but it's still a fun experience and a true icon in the community. Burgers and hot dogs are their specialty and they even have some old menus hanging on the wall to compare prices through the ages! My favorite part about the Sno-Cap is their FUNriasers and classic car drive-ins. They even have movie nights! It's fun to drive by on Summer nights when the parking lot is overflowing! 

When we walked in, we noticed that our mayor and city administrator were having lunch together. Alex ordered the Sno Capper burger all the way and I picked a fried flounder po boy with smiley face fries. Alex's burger was huge! He was happy he decided not to get any sides. As soon as we received our food, we were told that we might be in a movie they were filming for the mayor's retirement! I'm not sure what it is, but anytime Alex hasn't had a proper shower he ends up being on camera. I'm curious to see if we pop up in the background of  this movie once it comes out! 

It's always fun to have a mini date in the middle of the day. I love that local places like the Sno-Cap make it a reality. If you're ever in town and need a place to make you feel nostalgic for another era, you should stop by!