March 2018 Spotify Playlist


Hope you don’t mind a bit of a ramble / diary-style life update to go along with my March playlist. My Sirius XM radio subscription is about to expire and instead of paying $20/mo I’m considering getting a Spotify premium account for about half the price. With premium, I’ll still be able to listen to music in my car but I’ll also have the option of carrying it with me on walks! If you’ve got a premium account let me know what you think!

It’s the first day of Spring and the 2nd anniversary of the day we closed on our very first home together. After a January that seemed to last ages, I’m surprised by how quickly we’ve reached the end of March! Time is flying by and we have a few house projects lined up for the next couple of months that I’m looking forward to sharing in this space. I feel a bit behind because we usually have all our herbs and veggies for the patio garden by now. It’s been a bit of a strange weather year with some late freezes so we’ve been putting it off until the weather is a bit more stable. It seems our April showers have arrived early. I woke up during a pretty terrible storm last night and had the hardest time falling back asleep. Fingers crossed the rain holds off when we go to The Masters tournament in just 13 days!

Speaking of The Masters, I’m working on a round-up of all our favorite places in Augusta that should be ready next week for those of you who are headed into town as spectators. If you can’t tell, I definitely have a bit of spring in my step this time of year! I hope it lasts. Happy listening!


Here are a few recent snaps from my Instagram! Be sure you’re following me over there for updates because I’ve been doing a bit of micro-blogging on that platform. If you’re into following hashtags on Instagram, I’ve been tagging all my home snaps with #homeatthebakery!