How I use Pinterest for Meal Planning

Pinterest Meal Planning

Honestly one of the biggest chores of married life is having to create our weekly menu, go grocery shopping, and cook every night after work. We've tried subscription boxes and they're great when you're feeling lazy but you have to plan in advance to schedule their delivery and they can get a bit costly. I usually find I can get five meals (with leftovers) from a $60 grocery bill versus paying the same price to have just three delivered. In the past, I've used the May Designs Meal Planner Journal to plan our meals but I thought I'd share my most recent method... Pinterest!

1. Create Recipe Boards by Category

I use a few main recipe boards: Food, Healthy Bites, and the Fancy Dinner Party. They're all pretty self-explanatory. Some people like to break things down even further (think soups, salads, chicken, pasta, etc.) but I find that to be unnecessary now that Pinterest allows you to search your own pins.

2. Narrow Down Your Recipes

Figure out what you're in the mood for this week. You can search all of Pinterest or just your pins. We typically eat "theme days" (pasta, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, seafood, and pizza) but I don't stick to the same rotation. 

3. Pin Your Recipes to a Secret Board

It doesn't actually have to be a secret board, but once I find something I want to cook, I pin the recipe to a secret board called "This Weeks Menu" so that it's easy to find.

4. Write a Shopping List

Once I have all my recipes saved to my secret menu board, I write down all the ingredients I will need to create a shopping list for the grocery store. On most recipe pins from big bloggers, you can click the image and the ingredients will be listed below it. I organize my shopping list by where the items are located in the grocery store to make my trips quicker. You can also print your Pinterest board for quick reference or to add as a page to your planner. 

5. Cook, Enjoy, and Save for Later

After I cook my meals for the week, I move the pins from my "This Week's Menu" board back to one of my main food boards. You can also do this after each meal to make room on your board for new meals. Sometimes I use the "tried it" button to keep track of recipes I liked a lot.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! What are your tips for easy meal planning?

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