DIY Instagram Wall with Printiki

Before we get started, Printiki reached out to me about ordering some of their Instagram prints. While I received the product in this review courtesy of the company, all thoughts are mine and I only write about brands that I truly love. This post contains referral links and I will earn store credit if you choose to use my code. 

I honestly cannot remember the last time I've had photos printed! We don't have a ton of photos hanging in our home, especially not of ourselves, which is why I was so excited when Printiki reached out to me about ordering some of their "M" prints. I chose the M prints in matte for this project but Printiki has a lot of other really neat products like photo books and posters. 

The ordering process was so easy! You can connect your Instagram account or upload photos from your Desktop. After they're uploaded, you have the ability to adjust the crop and add captions. 

If you've been reading for a while, you know that my husband and I love film photography. While we enjoy using our Instax camera from time to time, it's not practical when traveling light and Printiki is a way cheaper alternative to get the same look. You can only get 20 Instax photos for around $20. Printiki is just $8 for 20 prints and you can get free shipping with my code: 8439F3YC!

I used my Printiki photos to create a gallery wall of some of our more recent travels on an awkward blank entry wall in our home office / library / studio. The whole process took around 10 minutes and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out! Our office entrance is so much more colorful and I feel inspired every time I walk in and get down to business. We collect so many great memories every year and it makes me feel nostalgic to actually be able to see them all at a glance! 

Printiki was so simple to use and I've already come up with more ideas for future print orders. These prints are perfect for college students getting ready to go back-to-school shopping! You could use them to decorate the back of door panel, affixed to a push pin board, or clipped to string lights! Personally, I think I'm going to create a scrapbook / bullet travel journal to recap some of our trips! The possibilities are endless!

If you'd like to try out Printiki, don't forget you can enter my referral code for free shipping when you checkout! Just enter: 8439F3YC