Charleston on Film

College of Charleston Porter's Lodge in Charleston, SC
Towell Library in the College of Charleston Cistern
Bicycles outside the College of Charleston dorms
Palms at the Skinny Dip Charleston Edition
Sotille House turret
the Pink House on Chalmers Street in Charleston, SC

I can't believe it's been a whole month since my sister and I had a staycation / girl's weekend in Charleston. I shot some film while I was down there and I just got them back over the weekend. I'm so glad that I forced my sister to hold my cameras while I switched back and forth between digital and analog. I was able to capture some great shots of the College of Charleston campus that I'll cherish forever. It will probably be quite some time before we make another trip to the coast. We've got a few other trips in mind and need to save our pennies to get out and explore some new places. 

I've been shooting with a Nikon FG + 50mm lens + Kodak Gold 400. Film will always be somewhat unpredictable but the more I shoot, the more I feel confident in framing my shots and knowing exactly what light is going to be magic. I've found the Kodak 400 also picks up on greens and reds really well. It's funny because I almost know a frame is going to be a great shot (or not) before I even get it developed now. I'm excited to continue experimenting with film and working on my skills! Thanks for following along on this journey.