Brunch Date at Bodega Ultima


On the way to brunch at Bodega Ultima the other morning we realized it was the first time we’d been out of the house alone together to do something fun! The last time it was just the two of us for an hour we went to get our flu shots which while absolutely necessary, wasn’t exactly a date. I can’t believe that Bodega has been open for three years already (or that we’ve been back in Augusta for just as long)! Time really does fly by. I hate to admit that I’ve become that person who orders the same one or two things every time we go to a restaurant but when it’s consistently good, it’s sort of hard to switch things up! This time I had the Basque, a croissant with egg, tomato, avocado and chorizo and Alex ordered the Ultima (more or less the same breakfast sandwich but with bacon and an amazing aioli sauce). When the people after us ordered a breakfast burrito filled with beef and sweet potato, I kind of wished I had been feeling more adventurous! We’ve yet to go for lunch which is alright with us because we are big coffee drinkers. I had a vanilla latte and Alex had his usual cortado + drip coffee. We left with full hearts, stomachs, and bladders! It’s nice to have some time alone together and I’m grateful my mother in law was able to watch Rooney for a few hours so we could focus on each other.