Brick Pond Park

The Brick Pond Park in downtown North Augusta, South Carolina is a 40 acre restored wetlands that was developed to improve the environment through storm water treatment. The wetlands naturally filter and remove pollutants that travel through storm water runoff. Today the park is an oasis for native species and wildlife, making it a hot spot for local photographers. I know this because I work with a pretty badass boss lady who runs the show. 

Alex and I set out to the Brick Pond Park on Sunday afternoon to get some test shots on the Canon Snappy 50 film camera he picked up from CMONA. We spent our time walking around the various ponds and birdwatching along the way. I spotted a crawfish claw, a Purple Gallinule, and a Red-Winged Blackbird. Alex brought my attention to Anhingas, a Great Blue Heron, a few little Green Heron, and a baby alligator. I didn't get good pictures of any of those things because I don't have a zoom lens. That's okay, though. Life's more about the memories sometimes.