August 2017 Spotify Playlist

I don't post many photos of myself here because I'm usually too busy at work behind the camera so I thought I'd throw it back with a little selfie from our Christmas trip to Chicago a couple of years ago. 

Speaking of the Windy City, did anyone make it to Lollapalooza this year? I'm incredibly jealous of my friend Kristen who just happened to be in town. I was living vicariously through her Instagram stories during the Chance the Rapper set! 

We stayed up way too late Sunday night watching the Lollapalooza live stream and dancing around the living room with the puppies. Hearing the new Arcade Fire song "Everything Now" makes me bust out my Disco dance moves every time. Silly as it may seem, it was honestly the most fun I've had just hanging out at home this summer! Hilarity ensued when we realized that Mac Demarco is also known by "Pepperoni Playboy". You should read his Wikipedia bio. Just for fun.

This playlist is full of some of my current favorite jams (including some Lolla performers like the Arcade FIre, Little Dragon, and Mac Demarco). I'd love to know what you think! Let me know your current favorite song in the comments. I'm always looking for new music to check out.