A Simple Valentine’s Night at Home


I’ve been wanting to share more blurbs from everyday life on my blog for a while. The roots of my blog go back to journaling my college days and there’s something refreshing about writing for myself instead of an audience. These are the moments I want to remember so I’m making a point to write it down.  

Our Valentine’s Day started over the weekend with a trip to Prime Steakhouse (thanks to a gift certificate my Dad generously gifted us for Christmas). Prime is one of those places that we could never afford to go on our own penny, but thoroughly enjoyed as a special treat. We figured we’d beat the crowds on Valentine’s Day and celebrate Alex’s big promotion at the same time. I didn’t take any photos at the restaurant but we shared a family style house salad and fresh bread and butter to start. I had the chicken picatta with angel hair pasta and Alex had a Dry Aged Frenched Rib Eye which was as fancy as it sounds. He let me try a well cooked piece from the end. We sat in front of an old bottle of Pappy but he wouldn’t let me ask the bartender how much a shot from the bottle would be. 

Sunday I was needing to unwind after spending a lot of time indoors due to the rain. I broke into my Lush stash from my sister and picked a pretty bath bomb for a good soak. It was just what the doctor ordered and I thought the pink color was a perfect way to treat myself for Valentine’s.  

I was pleasantly surprised to come home to a sweet handmade brain magnet from my friend Meg on Galentine’s Day. It’s a piece that means a lot to me because she’s someone I find bouncing creative ideas off of a lot lately. It feels great to know some artsy ladies who value community over competition. I’ve enjoyed watching Meghann make her dreams a reality over the past year and I’m so excited to see where her art and words take her in the future. 

On Valentine’s Day my Dad surprised me at work with a bouquet of flowers! It was so sweet and his timing was perfect because I’ve been putting off throwing out the dead flowers sitting on our dining room table. In the wintertime when we don’t have fresh magnolias or hydrangeas to choose from (or clippings from my MIL’s garden) I like to grab a bouquet from the store every couple of weeks. I’ve been doing most of my shopping through Kroger ClickList so it’s been a while since I’ve been out to pick up a fresh bouquet of my own. 

Alex and I like to keep things fairly simple for Valentine’s Day. I don’t really enjoy holidays that put a lot of pressure on gifts or going out. It’s just not me. I enjoy being at home and spending time alone. We cooked chicken Parmesan together this year for dinner. I cooked the angel hair pasta and made a blistered heirloom cherry tomato sauce with fresh basil. Alex is the pro meat chef so he fried up some breaded chicken breasts and melted the cheese and sauce in the oven for a bit. It was honestly so tasty! I love making Chicken Parmesan at home because it’s a meal I would order at a restaurant but is fairly easy to make at home and just seems a little fancier than our usual menu. 

I gifted Alex a Mac Demarco album and a little handmade card. We also signed up for LaCroix’s Valentine’s Day giveaway and received the most beautiful hand lettered envelope with a letterpress card, coupon, and sticker sheet. I was totally blown away by Alex’s gifts to me this year. In addition to an assortment of Valentine’s Day macaron flavors from Tree House, he gave me a Kindle Paperwhite! I’ve been wanting some sort of eBook reader to carry with me to work or to pull out of my purse while I’m waiting at the doctor’s office and I thought the Paperwhite would be perfect. I’ve only been talking about it for a couple of weeks after having brunch with my friend Christine who recommended one! I’m hoping it gets me motivated to get back on track with my reading goals this year! I got everything set up last night but I haven’t settled on my first book to purchase yet. My favorite part so far is that it syncs to my Goodreads account so I can easily purchase books in my want to read list! Alex is always so thoughtful and over the top with his gift giving. I’m a lucky lady!