Rooney’s 1st Thanksgiving


On Wednesday night I needed to start our Thanksgiving Day kitchen prep and Alex hadn’t eaten all day so we skipped out on cooking dinner and I picked up Arby’s on the way home so we could feed Rooney and get her in bed before starting our real work. I prepped green bean casserole and broccoli casserole for our Thanksgiving lunch and dinner with family and then got started on my bourbon chocolate pecan pie. I decided at the end when I had some extra pie crust to cut out an Airedale for the top with the Airedale shaped cookie cutter I snagged off Amazon for Alex’s stocking last Christmas. It turned out so cute and tasty (maybe a little boozy but who’s complaining?).

Thursday morning we woke up to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and sip on coffee my the fire. My mom snuck a breakfast casserole in our fridge the night before so we ate that too while giving the dogs lots of snuggles. We got ready for the day while the casseroles cooked and then headed over to my mom’s house for our first Thanksgiving meal of the day. We were able to snag some photos outside of Rooney in her little turkey outfit before lunch.

For dinner we headed over to my mother in law’s house to meet up with the rest of Rooney’s cousins. She had a good nap while we ate (the ultimate blessing because eating with a baby in one hand and a fork in the other gets old pretty fast). There were so many people and dogs and general excitement over the babies that I didn’t get any organized pictures of us all during dinner. We skipped out on dessert and got Rooney home in time for bed. I don’t think my heart or belly has ever been so full! It’s been a lot of fun having a little one for the holidays this year and I know Christmas will be even better!

We are so grateful for all the blessings in our life. It’s been an incredible year and we are so lucky to have more than we deserve.