Making the Most of the Weekend with Baby


The weekend always seems to go by too quickly. Here are a few tips to make the most of the 61 hours between 5 p.m. Friday afternoon and 6 a.m. on Monday morning.

  1. Make a plan for what you want to accomplish

    I’m guilty of being an overplanner at times, but I find it works best to have a general plan of what I’d like to accomplish during the weekend. Whether that means a list of chores or a fun activity/outing for our family, having an idea of what we’d like to do makes sure we get it done and are able to plan around Rooney’s feeding and sleeping schedule. Lately we’ve been trying to go somewhere new for breakfast and coffee together so I’ll plan for that to be our Saturday or Sunday time away from home for a few hours.

  2. Take time to rest

    I still don’t sleep in compared to most people’s standards, but sleeping in until 8 a.m. on the weekends is a real treat. I take time to move a little slower in the mornings on the weekend instead of hitting the ground running and rushing into work like the other five days of the week. Weekends are a great time to sit quietly and reflect, read a book, stretch, and listen to music.

  3. Get outside

    Usually our time outdoors is combined with exercise. We’ve had a Spring preview in the South the past week so our family has really been taking advantage of the nice weather to get our daily steps in. Rooney loves to be outside so we try to vary our routes around town. We are lucky to live on the river so we see lots of birds, turtles, alligators, and boats while we are out. It keeps everyone entertained and it feels good to move our bodies!

  4. Indulge in a Sunday supper

    I think people tend to save all their chores for Sunday but I feel better if I can knock them out on Saturday. Saving the last few hours of the weekend for yourself helps keep stress at bay when you walk back into work on Monday morning. I find preparing a meal that takes a little longer to cook than the time I would spend during the week to be relaxing. Sunday is often the day I’ll try out a new recipe or indulge in something a little fancier to eat.

  5. Do mindless chores

    I already mentioned that the bulk of the real chores should be planned for Saturday, but the weekend in general is a good time to catch up on mindless chores. For me that’s emptying the dishwasher, prepping bottles, picking out our clothes for the week, and doing the laundry. They’re all tasks that only take a few minutes, squeezed in during Rooney’s naptime, or can be done while doing something else like watching TV or listening to a podcast.

  6. Unplug

    We never have a technology free weekend, but unplugging during the weekend for me looks more like sitting down to watch a movie uninterrupted or taking a walk without scrolling through my social media feeds. It’s a good way to break your normal screen time habits and switch them up with something else. I recently purchased an iPad Pro so I’ve been taking time to learn how to draw on it instead of responding to Instagram stories.

  7. Meal plan and grocery pickup

    I usually try to meal plan during the week and then make my grocery list either Friday night or early Saturday morning during my quiet time. I’ve shared on my blog before how I use Pinterest to meal plan and it’s a method that still works for me. Sometimes I will run to the grocery store first thing on Saturday mornings before everyone else is awake. It doubles as me time! It’s a little escape from my duties as a mom and a wife and shopping is faster and easier without having everyone else tag along. If you’re interested in seeing what we eat during the week, be sure to check out my “home cooked” highlight in my Instagram stories!

  8. Make time for family + friends

    Alex usually works one day during the weekend so it’s my favorite time to catch up with my mom and younger sister for lunch. This weekend we plan to meet some friends for brunch. We are bad about just going off and doing our own thing but lately I’ve been enjoying setting aside a little more time to cultivate those friendships!