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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is in many ways my favorite holiday. No one expects gifts. There’s no pressure to spend money. We get to spend time with our family and indulge a delicious meal together which is something we don’t get to do all the time. It felt a little strange to be traveling on Thanksgiving day instead of taking part in our normal traditions this year. The past few years as a married couple we’ve woken up to take a walk together (and with the dogs) then cooked a big breakfast and turned on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and the dog shows.

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Abstract Watercolor Painting

To be honest, it's been a looong time since I've painted. It makes me a little bit sad that I don't regularly make time to bust out my watercolors and paint, but I have a lot of other creative outlets to keep me busy. My sister wants a couple of abstract paintings to hang in her room since she's redoing her space to make it feel a bit more adult. I decided that I'd paint them as part of her Christmas gifts. Here's a look at the first one. I'll probably keep the second more of a surprise for her. I can't wait to see them hung in her space! 

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Fall Flowers

While we don't have cooler temperatures or the colors of the changing leaves to celebrate quite yet, that doesn't mean we can't get in the Fall spirit! Over the weekend we threw all of our dying vegetable and herb plants left over from the summer into the compost to do a bit of cleanup on the porch. We stopped by Lowe's and picked up these mums to give our back porch a bit of Fall color. I love the way the arrangements have transformed our small outdoor space.

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