Third Trimester Updates


It’s officially baby month! I’m full term and this baby is welcome to come any day now. And to answer my most asked question, I am both excited and nervous. I’m so ready to have this little one in my arms but understandably, I’m not looking forward to the pain involved in the labor process. We took a great birthing class at the hospital a few weeks back and I think it helped us both be more prepared for what’s to come, what our options are, and how to make the best decisions we can under pressure. Even though a lot of the information wasn’t new (thanks to Google and apps like the Bump, and What to Expect) it was reassuring to have an instructor go over it all. We also found the hospital tour to be a beneficial portion of the class because we know where we’ll be going during our stay.

Unfortunately, I’ve had some unexpected setbacks in this last trimester. I’ve been on bed rest for the past two weeks which has changed my maternity leave plans at work. I’m riding out my sick and vacation time while we wait for the baby to be born and my FMLA to kick in. If you’re wondering why I’m home, my blood pressure is slightly elevated but thankfully, I’m not showing any signs of preeclampsia. I’m grateful for a doctor who is diligently monitoring my health and the baby’s, even though I have a few extra tests to do at each of my weekly appointments now. I’m not on strict bedrest, but I’ve been spending lots of quiet time at home with the dogs, reading, watching TV, taking naps, cooking lots of fresh low-sodium meals, and other relaxing things I don’t make the time for when I’m busy working full-time. I’m especially grateful for the extra sleep because I know that will all change soon.

I find my mind wandering a little bit and I’ve been running into my old nemesis anxiety at times. I have to refocus my energy on something positive to distract me more often now that I’m not preoccupied with my work. I pray every day for this baby to arrive healthy soon (and maybe on its own instead of being induced in my 39th week). We’ve been lucky to see and hear the baby twice in my 3rd trimester which is always reassuring. He or she is measuring in the 50th percentile so we are right on target. I can’t believe there’s still enough room to wiggle around so much!


Photo of me by my husband. You can see more of his film work here.

I’ve had a few other symptoms lately that I think are pretty common for women at the tail end of pregnancy. I’m a bit sore, especially my back and hips from sleeping on my side at night. My dreams are getting more vivid again. As of this past week I’m starving but trying to eat lots of healthy snacks full of protein and nutrients to tide me over between meals. I’m wondering if maybe the baby has dropped a little more leaving my stomach with a bit more room. At the same time, I can’t eat much in one sitting or I’m left with heartburn. I can definitely tell I’m growing (despite having lost more weight) because my stretch marks are getting longer and deeper. No amount of lotion or body oil seems to do the trick so we’ll just count them as beautiful reminders to what my body is capable of making.

I’m getting more interested in following mommy bloggers on Instagram and also following the journeys of my friends who are pregnant or have newborns. I’m still not 100% sure how much I will feel comfortable sharing on the Internet but I have a feeling I’ll have a better sense once Baby Bee arrives! Right now we aren’t planning to have any visitors at the hospital other than our immediate family. I really want to take as much time as possible to focus on what the doctors, nurses, and lactation consultants can teach us while we learn to bond, care for, and feed the baby. We’ll make a big announcement on social media once the baby is home! Like everyone else, we’re excited to find out whether I’ve been growing a little boy or girl and to call them by the names we have picked out. 

The nursery is done, our hospital bags are packed, the car seat is installed, and the pack and play bassinet are set up in our bedroom. We’re ready to meet you, sweet baby. I can’t wait to see what you look like and sound like!


These are just a few favorites from our maternity session with our friend Meghann Robinson at 32 weeks. I’ve already had a couple printed for the nursery. You can see more of Meg’s photography or contact her to book your own session here!