H E L L O !   I'm Kuleigh.  
Pronounced:   /ˈkəlē/   aka   c u l l y

As a child I could often be found creating floor plans for my future home or illustrating short stories for class. I spent a lot of time with my books or inside my head. Not much has changed since then. Making and creating have always been huge aspects of my life.My grandfathers were craftsmen and architects. My grandmothers knitted and sewed life into their homes. It’s in my blood. I have a passion for storytelling. Through my paintbrush or camera lens I am able to create into a new existence a story that is begging to be shared. I am constantly inspired by nature and enjoy recording things I stumble upon on long walks. I am especially inspired by traveling with my husband, my muse. It’s the small, overlooked, and unappreciated details that make life exciting and often find their way into my art. As far as my "real job" is concerned, I keep busy in the city planning department and as a mom to our fur babies.